Why I decided to launch a Podcast

Welcome to my new podcast!

Someone might have noticed the changes in my website and the opening of a new podcast called “Finding Aura”.

After the birth of my daughter I started feeling a bit lost, I didn’t know what to do and a series of questions were floating in my mind: who was I really? What I wanted to do in my life?

One thing I knew for sure, I wanted to leave a legacy to my daughter. I wanted her to be proud of me.

For this reason, I have opened this website – it lets me channel myideas, my thoughts, my feelings.

Thinking of a few weeks back I wanted to find my soul, so why not launching a podcast called ”Finding Aura” and look for inspirations?

Finding Aura Podcast


Why a podcast?

It seems that we’re busier than ever and that fact has made it more difficult to sit down, read a book or even watch a TV show without distraction. People can listen and learn from a podcast while also doing something else – for example driving the kids to school, going to the park, running in the gym, ironing (this is me!).

I want women to be inspired by other women’s stories from around the globe. This needs to be accessible, easy and direct. Hearing someone’s voice is important to feel a connection, to build a relationship, to be inspired by their words.

In just the last few years, podcasts have been gaining popularity quickly. One of the biggest reasons has been the shift to mobile; consumers are moving away from desktops and using mobile devices more often.

So stay tuned, because soon you will be hearing more from me!



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