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Ciao a tutte!

I am Annalisa (everyone calls me Lisa) – 100% Italian & mum of little Aura and furry Presley (yes, it is a dog).

I moved to London in 2007 after obtaining a master’s degree in Organization, Management and Communication of Cultural Heritage and Events at IULM. Ever since I was 13, I had a passion for England. My parents sent me on a study vacation every summer and I fell in love with it.

I love communication, whether in the form of a written message, visual art or a dance performance.  After my daughter was born I was feeling lost, and for this reason, I decided to open this website. This is not just my journey into motherhood but a celebration of inspirations to help other women finding themselves, their soul, finding their Aura. 

How to read

My website is the platform for my podcast channel “Finding Aura” (this will be launched in November 2018)  and on my blog, I will have both Italian and English articles.

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Have a look also at my Press page for more info.

A presto!

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