“Finding Aura” is a weekly podcast for women who would like to be encouraged by extraordinary stories of other super women like them. It takes a lot of courage to build the life you want, so why not be inspired by female voices from across the globe.

“Finding Aura” is brought to you by Annalisa Del Carro, an Italian living in London for more than eleven years. She is on a mission to interview fierce personalities as she believes those who dare inspire.

We will talk about careers, entrepreneurial projects, self motivation, finding yourself, motherhood and much more.

Warning: The language used is straight. Some episodes will be recorded in English and some in Italian. Be aware you might feel empowered at the end of each episode!

Why I decided to launch a Podcast

Welcome to my new podcast! Someone might have noticed the changes in my website and the opening of a new podcast called “Finding Aura”. After the birth of my daughter I started feeling a bit…

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